Hurricane Sandy has completed her destruction ... so, where's the financial support from other countries?

Considering the rest of the world expects financial, military, and humanitarian support from the U.S. whenever any sort of disaster, (natural or otherwise) happens to their country, and they usually get it, in spite of the incessant hate spewed toward us out of the other side of their mouths, now that we could use the free money given to us … where is it?

So typical of the leech-like mentality of the rest of the world; trash the U.S. out of one side of their mouth, while begging (read: expecting) help from the U.S. out of the other side. It’s the same exact mentality as gangs, criminals, and young punks who think it’s “cool” to always say “fuck the police”, “I fucking hate cops”, “I fucking hate the government” and shit like that, but then whine like little bitches when the same government doesn’t give them free shit, or help them “fast enough” or at all.

I’d love for once .. just once, see any of these same idiots who say “fuck the police” not call them for help when an emergency happens.

That said, Y0! Other countries, give us millions of your dollars to help us patch up! Ya God Damn leeches!

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