Theres No Trading In Sports!

"There's No Loyalty In Football!!"

I’m working on a theory …


… that ALL NFL teams should ONLY be allowed to use players from their own state, who actually were born and raised in that state. None of this trading shit.

Then people could really get behind their own teams. Right now there’s no real loyalty to any team for any player (or from any team), it’s all about the money. Whoever has the most money, buys the best players. How often have you been pissed off to see one of your previously good / favorite players traded to the rival of your team, and thought:

a) WTF?!
b) Where’s that Mother Fucker’s team Loyalty?! (Hint: the loyalty only goes as far as the highest bidder).
c) Where’s my Mother fucking team organization’s loyalty to the fans, in the sense of “why the F would you trade him to our 40 year rivals?!
d) And so on.

Of course there’s that chance (and likelihood) that a team(s) will completely suck, and have nowhere to go for improvement if every player in their state sucks, but that’s also part of the fun (and loyalty to your own state, and the grooming of upcoming players). Many teams already suck, and are known overall as being a sucky team anyway, and that’s with trading.

It would also create a catalyst for the colleges and high schools to earn more money in the “making” of future football players in the sense that, if an NFL team is known to be one of the “greats”, (*cough* DA Bearssss *cough* 😉 ) people may want to move to that state to have (and raise) their kid(s). The trickle-down effect would be enormous. It would also not only create more actual caring and loyalty from the NFL organizations to their players, but from the players to their team as well, if not even more-so. If you were, just for example, drafted to be the QB of your state’s NFL team, I’d imagine you’d REALLY FUCKING CARE how well you and your team does because of your own personal state pride. That same state pride people already feel during rivalries, only 10x stronger.

This thought has come to me numerous times before, but just struck me again, prompting me to post a blog, after watching Julius Peppers who was recently traded from the Chicago Bears to the Green Bay Packers, score an interception followed by a touchdown. Now I’m not up on where Julius was actually born, but it doesn’t really matter to the point of this post, as I was more “feeling” that “he was an ex-Bear and now he’s on the rival team” emotion at the time.

Really, think long and hard about all of the benefits of this, and chances are, you’ll see how brilliant this idea is (as all of my ideas are, not to toot my own horn or anything). And of course, this same concept can apply to any state team for any sport, Hockey, Baseball, etc.

Let’s make this happen; with haste now!

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