Hurricane Sandy: The Anti-American's & Über-Liberals are Slacking

The Secret Behind Hurrican Sandy's CauseAs I author this article, Hurricane “Sandy” has just begun to smash into the east coast. I’ve seen a few pictures of Manhattan appearing quite flooded. I’m also monitoring my Facebook page, which is usually rife with super-liberals who deluge the newsfeed with their incessant barrage of Anti-American / Anti-Government propaganda, all in the guise of “really being FOR Americans”. In their defense, I’m sure that they truly do believe that they’re working for the betterment of their fellow Americans, by pointing out the (perceived) wrongdoings being done to them by their own government to them, constantly, and trying to rally others up in their fight against “the man”.

I won’t really address whether these Mega-Liberals are right or wrong in doing what they do, after all, it is a good thing to be made aware of things that one may not already be aware of, however, after a certain point you start to realize that many of these people do it just for the sake of doing it … in other words, they love to stir the proverbial shit-pot. And it’s these people that are, to put it bluntly … annoying as fuck.

And here’s where the subject of this post comes into play: where are all of the conspiracy theories about Hurricane Sandy right now? There has been plenty of warning about Sandy slamming into America, and she currently is. I’ve Googled quite a bit before writing this just to confirm my thoughts and I’ve found zero conspiracy theories on her.

What, no (paraphrasing) “It’s the U.S. Government that caused or created Hurricane Sandy to fuck it’s people over in this way or that way?” What about HAARP, maybe? Cloud Seeding? Chemtrails? C’mon guys (and gals), you’re slackin’!

Personally, I’m not a big conspiracy theory guy; sure, I do love to watch and read all about them out of curiosity, not unlike most people like to read all about serial killers, mental illnesses, drive real slowly by a nasty car crash, etc., and I’m one that is always willing to examine a good conspiracy theory so that I can determine my own true beliefs on whether or not they’re true, but I’m definitely not one to hear a conspiracy theory, especially by a person, or persons who is already completely convinced that “it’s totally true dude!” and fall right into line with them. And that usually tends to piss off liberals, and theorists the most – the fact that you’ve decided to form your own opinion rather than automatically accept theirs, based on their passion and beliefs.

If there’s one thing that never fails to amaze me, it’s that these so called “open minded” people .. i.e. liberals, are never very “open minded” at all. To be truly open minded, by it’s very definition, you need to be accepting of everyone’s beliefs, even if they completely conflict with your own. And 9 times out of 10, they don’t. They’ll brow-beat people that don’t agree with them into submission.

Let me give just one, easy example to illustrate my point: racism.

“Ooooohh, the Big ‘R'” … “open minded” people will tell you that all people are the same, it’s just a skin color, we should accept everyone the same. OK, good. Now try to call a black person a “nigger” in front of one, or a group of them and see what they say to you, or do. Will they be “open minded” to your beliefs? Hell no. You’ll be shunned, shamed, lambasted, brow-beaten, and even quite possibly physically assaulted, and even possibly killed. As in no longer living.

Is that “open minded” and liberal? Not as far as I can see. It’s a person, or group of people who have their beliefs and want to force people who don’t believe the same as them into falling into line with them … or else. To be truly open minded, they should be equally as passionate about NOT shunning, shaming, (etc.) anyone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as them, even if the others are someone as opposite of their beliefs as say, the Ku Klux Clan. The same example could go toward the gay topic; if you try to tell gay supporting liberals that you don’t believe in gay marriage … look the fuck out! And that my friends, is not being “open-minded”.

So to liberals, I tend to have a good laugh at their expense, mainly for the fact that they don’t even realize how closed-minded they really are. They live under the illusion that they’re humanitarians, and fully accepting of everybody, when in reality, most of them are more close-minded than any tagged “close-minded” person (or group of people).

The best part about “liberals” is that they’re usually Top Notch at accepting (no, demanding) all that their Government has to offer. Leeching it all up in droves, only to piss and moan about the things they don’t get later, and I can guarantee that at some point after Hurricane Sandy has left a nasty scar in her wake, and the proverbial dust has settled, there will be those whiny little leeches saying Uncle Sam should’ve done this, or that, or should’ve done it better than he did.

After the American Government has dropped hundreds of millions into rebuilding everything, which will inevitably help these people in one way or another, whether directly or indirectly, and they have soaked up every little morsel of the help given, they will still whine, and hate on America later.

It’s exactly the same as the idiots who tell everyone “fuck da police!”, “I hate cops!” and all of that bullshit, when the first people they call in an emergency to help them is, who? “da po po”. And it’ll happen here again soon, as Sandy wraps up her short visit, the people who usually post anti-American conspiracy theories; “9/11 was an internal job”, “The Gov’t lied so we could go kill people in the Middle East for their oil”, “the Gov’t has long had aliens hidden away and knows all about real UFO’s but won’t tell us”, etc. etc. etc. will surely be calling that same Gov’t, be it the local police, some sort of Gov’t supported rescue services, et. al. for help, and most likely will get it, and later in their lives join in once again on “hating the U.S. Government”.

Mark My Words.

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